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I'm back to St. Paul!
Deep conditioner-the deets
July News
A product line I can feel great about selling YOU!


Love your Curls
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I'm back to St. Paul!

As most of you know I build my career on Grand Ave. & have missed it dearly. I am happy to announce I'm back in the city that I love! I have moved in 6 weeks early than expected due to me picking a studio. It has a huge window and the space fits perfect with my new simple lifestyle. The corner of St. Albans & Hague is where you can find this beautiful Sola. I am so happy to be a part of a company with owned who support me in this and 3 other girls move to this location. One block east and one block south of Dale & Selby. There is parking on all the streets as well as a medium size lot. The doors here will lock at 5-6pm since we are not very full yet. Please find my name on the call box to the left of the door and I will buzz you in. When you are able to, please allow time to explore this fun, trendy, but laid back neighborhood. Primp Boutique, The Red Cow, La Grolla, The Salt Cellar. It's the new Grand Ave! 
A note about driving... I've heard traffic may not be as bad as 35w/36 but still prepare for 94 to be slower on week nights. Good news is I'm before the down town area/spaghetti junction if you're coming from mpls. From Brent & my brothers home in uptown it's 10.8 miles and Roseville was 10.1. Very smooth transition! I can't wait for you to see it! Call/text/email me with any questions! Ps- my fb is called black dahlia studio 

Deep conditioner-the deets

Most salons offer a deep conditioner, I do not....
I would rather you use the money for one service to buy your own product and get multiple uses out of it. A little secret- it won't be homemade from Pinterest. :)
Buy the right product-Goldwell Karasilk deep conditioner is by far my fav and I sell it in a few different sizes.
Shampoo your hair- duh right? Well cleansing your have throughly will set you up for the best deep conditioner you can get! Purify by surface is a color safe and makes squeaky clean hair. Great facial cleanser as well.
Apply throughly- after covering your tresses with this luxury cream, either cover with a shower cap or tie up turban style in a towel heated in the microwave for 20 seconds. Leave on for 15 min or overnight.
Rinse-with cool or warm water. If you can stand give it a ice cold shot- keeps the color bright and adds amazing shine. The hotter the water the more it opens up the cuticle. Good to open the pores on your face not the cuticles on your hair!
Style your hair with your favorite Heat protectant products!

July News

Hope to find you reading this in the wonderful world of air conditioning! This humid weather does a number on our locks!  Straight hair gets limp and lifeless, while curly hair just keeps getting bigger.  I am offering complimentary deep conditioning treatments during the remainder of July with all color services. Whether you need help to tame the frizz, or boost the protein and volume to your look! Just a few quick things... if you are interested in booking a bright neon or as I call them "fashion colors" please contact me before booking.  An accent piece, full head, or pieces of them all require pre-lightening which is a double process color and requires more time. Every color is different so timing and price will be on a case by case basis.
I am now offering "tape in" extensions.  I have been rocking them in my hair and I LOVE them! The hair can be used multiple times up to a year with new adhesive put on by me.  There is no heat, messy glue, or braiding involved.  Call me or text me for a quote.  These can be used on the sides for length and volume, all over, or a few bright accent or highlight pieces, black to platinum, to teal, to purple! So fun!
Bright blondes will now enjoy coconut oil added to their lightener at no extra cost! This is to condition the hair, lighten more evenly, and also lifts lighter and faster that normal.  Hope you all are enjoying my new studio makeover, if not you will love it when you see it! 
Love, Dani

A product line I can feel great about selling YOU!

Surface is my NEW LINE!
Gluten, paraben, and sulfate free
Earth and animal friendly
You will not find in any chain salons, Ulta, Sephora, or grocery stores/walgreens
Surface sponsors children around the world through WorldVision charities
It was the exclusive product line used for Oscar hair in 2014! So cool!
Can't wait to get in in stock and show you how great a more natural line can work just as well!

All Surface Products are Formulated with Sustainable Harvested Ingredients and Certified Organic Botanicals

  • Color Vita Complex - Ceramide III Vitamin A,C,E Antioxidants
    - Infused in all Surface Products
  • Palm and Coconut Oils Cleanse Gently and Thorough
  • Babassu Botanical Penetrating Oil Imparts Moisture, Shine and Softens
  • Vegan Cationic Proteins of Amaranth, Keravis and Soy Maximize Repair
  • Sugars and Corn Starch Provide Resilient Humidity Resistant Styling
  • Awaken Mineral Ferments and Botanical Extracts Aid in Healthy Cell Reproduction, Anti-Aging, Creating A Healthy Scalp and Maximizing Thinning Hair.
  • Tourmaline Kiyoseki Crystal Fusion (TK2). Maximize condition, color and speed styling time.
  • Heat Maximizes the Performance of the Color Vita Complex, Botanical Penetrating Oils, Vegan Protein and TK2.   Heat is good for all Surface Hair Care and Styling Products.
  • Surface is formulated with plant derived aromas and product colors are the natural color of the ingredients. No added dyes.
  • Free Of – Sulfates, Gluten, Parabens, Animal Protein, Mineral Oil, and phthalates


let's talk bangs!
hi loves!
Just a a quick note, I think I have finally found a great cruelty free product line that rocks! News coming next week..
I have decided to offer complimentary bang trims~neck trims to all regular clients! Just a thank you for your love and business! This does not include adding bangs that you don't previously have, but otherwise please book an appt and lets keep you looking gorgeous in between appts.
Love, dani

The Days of Crunchy, Stiff Curls are gone

Let's change the way you feel about those curls! This post is all about curly hair and caring for it by Redken's Curvaceous. All curls are not created equal. In fact, most heads have 2-4 types of curls so choosing the the product may be difficult. You or we need to decide if the curls need to he separated, woken up, or need definition. Besides using a diffuser here are some tips to make you life a little better.
  • Now that it's winter it's time to change up your game. Stay hydrated! The humidity is gone and the dry hot heat inside and the cold Mn winter can really dry out your locks. Use a deep conditioner masque once or even twice a week. Also on days you don't wash, add some Curvaceous conditioner to the ends and follow with the products. Sleep on those curls and put the diffuser away, refresh in the am with some water and a few products we choose for you for reactivation and a shine boost. Lastly we need to banish that dullness! Curly hair is less shiny naturally due to the cuticle being roughed up and the shape of the hair so Moroccan Oil is ESSENTIAL! Every day adding this will strengthen them and add shine, just mix in a few drops with ringlet, wind up, or your favorite Curvaceous product.
Here is a simple break down of all the products in the line-
  • Curvaceous Cream Shampoo Low-lathering, sulfate-free formula that gently cleanses and adds moisture and definition without weight
  • Curvaceous Conditioner Leave-in/rinse-out formula quenches hair with weightless conditioning and can be left in for extra curl definition and softness
  • Curvaceous Curl Dive Deeply nourishing rinse-out mask that replenishes and repairs even the driest twists and curls
  • Curvaceous Full Swirl 2 in 1 cream/serum formula fights frizz, seals in moisture and locks out humidity. Control for all curl types.
  • Curvaceous Wind Up Reactivating spray refreshes dry and/or damp curls and tames frizz throughout the day
  • Curvaceous Wave Ahead Texturizing mousse is a lightweight, airy foam that adds body and structure to define waves.
  • Curvaceous Ringlet Reigns in curls with control, definition, soft hold and a shiny, touchable finish. Perfect base to prep curls.

Powder Refresh is perfect for you!

One of my all time favorite hair products is pretty new to the scene.  Dry shampoo, sounds confusing huh?  Let me tell you all the reasons this is something you NEED to add to your get ready routine..
It saves time, you can go 2 or more days with out using shampoo and conditioner in the morning, this also means no blow-dryer, flat iron, or curling iron. This leaves more time to sleep in, drink bloody marys, or catch that cartoon you've been dying to watch.
It holds your style, feel like you have squeeky clean hair the day you wash it?  Use this as a texture spray for the ends.
It adds volume, maybe your root lifter needs a kick in the a**, or maybe you think the bigger the hair the closer to jesus, either way, this will take your hair to the next level. Literally.
It saves money, you won't have to stock up on your shampoo and conditioner as often. More money to save for that dream vaca!

How to use: Shake well and spray evenly onto hair. Brush through to remove any excess. Blast dry for tousled texture or a round brush for volume. We all know bigger is better!

To refresh a blow-dry: Mist on roots. Brush through to distribute evenly- this will absorb oils and refresh hair. If needed, touch-up sections with a blow dryer or flat iron.

finally fighting frizz the correct way!

  • Whether you have cork screw curls or that hair that has just enough wave to make your mornings not so fun here are some fool proof ways to fight that frizz! Yes, you have to use professional products and yes, you will have to do a little something, it will be worth it!

  • Properly moisturized hair is less likely to be affected by static, so deep condition regularly. Static is caused by dryness  and thats not cute! I recommend you use the Redken All Soft Heavy Cream or Diamond Oil Deep Facets about once a week. You can leave the conditioner on for anywhere from ten minutes to all night long while you sleep with a plastic cap over it!
  • Since moisture is essential in keeping hair smooth, avoid products that include drying ingredients like alcohol or sodium lauryl sulfates. Moroccan Oil shampoo and conditioner or Redken Curvaceous would be perfect!
  • What you may not know is that towel drying your hair can actually create more static than blow-drying if it’s not done properly. Here’s a trick: instead of rubbing or wringing hair out, blot dry with a thin towel made for drying hair. (If you don’t have one, an inexpensive hand towel will do fine. or those hair turbans)
  • Stop washing your hair every day. No, really. The scalp’s natural oils smooth your hair and ward off both frizz and tangles (which can cause breakage and lead to more frizzing). Think this will drive you crazy?! Try Redkens dry shampoo Powder Refresh.
  • Contrary to popular belief, blow drying can be done without creating frizz if hair’s properly finished; to do this, apply a leave-in conditioner that’s made to prep hair for heat styling and comb through damp hair with a wide-toothed plastic comb. Then, use the concentrator attachment on your blow-dryer and dry downward so that the follicle is smoothed flat toward the ends of your strands. For this you'll want to use Redken Smooth Lock cream, cushioning blow dry gel, or duo blast.
  • The appearance of frizz is often caused by split ends and breakage, which create weaker, larger ends of the hair’s strands that reflect sunlight particularly well and are very noticeable. Combat this effect by getting regular trims to keep ends healthy and smooth. 4-6 weeks is normal, It's not a trick.
  • It's necessary to use a anti-frizz serum or glossing serum to finish your style; start by rubbing it between your palms and apply midshaft to ends first, then the crown of the head. Moroccan Oil again or Outshine.  Kenra 25 is also perfect for keeping the fly aways down!
  • In a hurry? A dab of your deep conditioner can double as an on-the-go de-frizzing cream. Simply rub the conditioner between your fingers, and then run your hands over and through the frizziest parts of your hair. You’re so smooth girl keep it up!
  • Need help and don't know where to start? Book a product or style consultation with me. It's free and 15 minutes. I will help you pick out the products for your hair type and help you with a regimen to start your day off with hair all your co workers will envy.  If you are using the right products I PROMISE you will cut down your time, frustration, and you will go longer between washes. Don't forget the month of August all products are buy 2 get 1 half off!
          Trust me, I'm a (hair) doctor. <3 miss dani