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Hello Lovely

Founded in 2013, Dani Makes Me Pretty is a private salon suite inside the beautiful Sola Salons in St. Paul. The Cathedral Hill neighborhood is buzzing with unique local spots, Victorian homes and Mississippi Market .  I've created a fun, cup of coffee with a girlfriend, one on one environment in my salon studio.  You will find a combination of sassy and self love inspired art on the walls. Plenty of plants and crystals to inspire your own natural beauty.  A place to find your alter ego and really dig into what your version of pretty looks like. A private place to talk about real shit while we create the hair you love.  I cannot wait to meet you!

It's really important to me people have a place to go to find their version of beautiful.  We live in a society that makes it hard to love yourself.  It's detrimental to society (and myself) this continues beyond a trendy movement.  I get to create a space where good hair might be the start of something so much bigger.

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